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PTSD Is A Major Problem And I Plan To Focus On It

The challenge of mental trauma

Posted on 28th April 2021

Over the past few years, I have become much more aware of how emotional harm, damage and adverse life events can lead to serious and long-term mental trauma, what is often called post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

There are two particular areas where I have come across this in my own practice. It is these I want to focus on. My areas of interest are sexual attack and harassment and trauma following a difficult birth. As with many things, this interest began with my clients. I have been seeing more people who have all or some of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder following adverse life experiences such as these.

As these issues started turning up in my regular clinics, I researched, learned and took courses to help me help.

Over the past few years, I learned and developed the techniques and tools which can deal with PTSD. I have had considerable success with modern cognitive techniques and know that often trauma can be cleared in a few sessions. How we treat PTSD has changed a lot recently. There is much ground-breaking research and great therapeutic practice out there. I keep up with it all and add to our body of knowledge where I can.

Publicising the best research and best resources

As this area of work has become such a big part of what I do, I have decided to put much of my energy into treating trauma.

I will be at the books and at the computer a lot for the next few months. I want to pull together all of the best research in this area and get the best resources better known to my clients and potential clients.

I will be putting a lot of what I find and what I develop on my blog here and on my Facebook page as well.

The areas I will be covering

I have a good idea of my direction. I want to give you an idea of what what I will be concentrating on, although I am sure this will be developed refined and changed as I go along.

Here are some of the things I will be researching and writing about.

• Understanding PTSD and its most common symptoms. This is important as many people are suffering without being aware that they have the condition.

• PTSD and birth trauma. This is becoming better know and understood all the time. I am interested in helping women who are suffering but also in looking at what is wrong with our birthing practices which make birth such a traumatic event. (I will also look at the trauma partners can experience if they have seen their loved one undergoing a traumatic birth experience).

• Next is another societal issue, and that is how sexual harassment is causing a wave of PTSD and related trauma around the world. I want to look at this in detail to reassure those affected that they are not alone (feeling isolated is a huge problem). I want to take a wide lens to the issues. Harassment or even attack is not a single event but a culmination of bad experiences. How and why they happen and how we can stop them matters. I will be looking at this. My particular expertise though is helping those who are suffering the after-effects and I will be passing on my knowledge of what techniques and forms of therapy work best in these circumstances.

• Everyone who has suffered trauma develops coping mechanisms.I will look at poor coping mechanisms and well as good coping mechanisms. Anxiety disorders, addictions, and obsessive behaviors are all common for those suffering trauma. Often we need to deal with these coping mechanisms as well as the trauma.

• I will also want to look at different types, and levels of severity of PTSD and conditions related to it. Many people have a fixed view of what PTSD is and can suffer for years with some of the symptoms while not really understanding what is going on. So I will be detailing what the borderline or less classic forms of the syndrome are. I hope that this can offer a way out for people who are struggling along but are not quite sure what is wrong.

Join me if you can

Throughout all this, I will be offering concrete realistic help. PTSD can be a debilitating illness and it appears to be getting more common. The good news is that there are a variety of modern techniques which can help. I am going to go into detail about what these are and how they work.

I am excited about all this and I hope you can join me . If you are someone who suffers from PTSD or a professional who comes across the syndrome in your work then keep in touch. Together we can combat PTSD and get successful outcomes.

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