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Harvey Weinstein, just the usual sad tales of sexual harrassment and attack

This year my book on how to survive sexual harassment will be published. It is based on my experiences of working with many, many clients who have gone through difficult and traumatic experiences of sexual harassment and attack and want to come out the other side and live good, happy and fulfilled lives. I now know a lot about this area. I know that the majority of people respond similarly when they suffer unwanted sexual attention, especially at work. When I read about famous men accused of abuse,

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High functioning anxiety explained

Even very successful people can be anxious. I come across this every day I work with clients. Much of the work I do to help conquer anxiety is based in Harley Street.

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Future proofing our mental health

Blog on future proofing our mental health. We all experience ups and downs and pressures in life, and there is increasing evidence that these ups and downs impact on our working lives as well. Several organisations have begun recently to look at how our personal concerns impact on life at work and vice versa.

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