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post natal ptsd hypnotherapy

Post Natal PTSD

How can Cognitive Hypnotherapy help with Post Natal PTSD or Birth Trauma?

Post Natal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder occurs for some women when they have experienced a difficult or traumatic birth. The reasons as to why some women suffer from Post Natal PTSD can vary.

Typical examples include

  • Strong feelings of loss of control during birth
  • Traumatic or emergency delivery
  • High levels of medical intervention
  • Lack of support or inappropriate comments from hospital staff
  • Fear for baby safety
  • Baby’s stay in Intensive Care
  • Previous experience of trauma (previously traumatic birth or traumatic childhood)
  • Issues with Post Natal recovery

Recent research suggests that up to 200,000 women are effected by either full or partial Post Natal PTSD every year in the UK. It is important to recognise that because of their involvement in the birth, partners can also suffer from Post Natal PTSD.

Post Natal PTSD can also occur when post natal recovery is hampered by infection, bowel issues and incontinence. Post Natal depression may occur at the same time as Post Natal PTSD but both illnesses are distinct and should be treated separately.

Trauma and PTSD Symptoms

Sufferers will often relive the traumatic event through nightmares and flashbacks and they may experience feelings of isolation, irritability, anger and guilt. Clients often describe it as though they are carrying the shadow of the birth with them at all times. Sufferers may find it hard to talk about what they are going through. It is very common for mums with Post Natal PTSD to be frightened about admitting to how they are feeling in case they are misunderstood and their baby is taken away.


The effects and impact of Post Natal PTSD can be successfully treated. I have worked with many women and partners to help free them from the huge impact a difficult and traumatic birth can have.

I am trained and professionally qualified in the use of a range of cutting edge treatments including EMI (Eye Movement Integration) and EFT or Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) that can successfully treat trauma and PTSD. Eye Movement Integration is a powerful psychological method for treating emotional difficulties and for many clients it provides more rapid relief from emotional distress than conventional psychotherapies. EMI is very similar to EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) and they share a common methodology.

Following Treatment

Once treated, clients describe how the memories are still there, but the emotional response is at a different level and how they cope with and deal with the memories is completely transformed. They feel differently and can start to cope differently and for some they are able to start enjoying their baby for possibly the first time.

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I had a really long and horrendous labour followed an emergency C Section. It sounds dramatic but at one point I really thought I might die. Everything seemed OK when I first got my daughter home but I then started getting highly anxious and started to get flashbacks to the hospital room. I couldn’t sleep and was frightened to tell anyone as some days I thought I might be going mad. Luckily, I ended telling my best friend in desperation. She did some research and recommended I went to see Fiona. It was amazing – after the first session I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. By the second session I could sort of remember the hospital room but it seemed distant. The nightmares and flashbacks stopped and I started going to mum and toddler groups and able to join in with things. Fiona was amazing and the whole process was easier than I thought. I wish I had been able to speak up sooner as the first 10 months with my daughter would have been very different.


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