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PTSD Is A Major Problem And I Plan To Focus On It

PTSD can be a debilitating illness and it appears to be getting more common. The good news is that there are a variety of modern techniques which can help. I am going to go into detail about what these are and how they work.

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Megan Markle And Mental Health. The Fall-Out And The Lessons

I don’t know what went on behind the doors of the various royal palaces between Megan and Harry and the rest of the Royal Family, so I am not going to say anything specific about the very unhappy situation which has developed. But there are things that Megan and Harry revealed in their interview with Oprah Winfrey which do really worry me.

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All This And Christmas Too!

This year, this strange 2020 year unlike no other in our lifetimes, I will not be blogging about Christmas anxiety. Well, that is not quite true, I am going to be talking about anxiety but in a very different context.

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Masks, Cognitive Dissonance & Keeping Calm In A Crisis

"Helping you gain control over the things you want to change"ANXIETY & STRESS TRAUMA & PTSD LACK OF CONFIDENCE WOMEN'S HEALTH POST NATAL PTSD Masks, Cognitive Dissonance & Keeping Calm Posted on 20 Nov 2020 A friend of mine, who lives in a European country, phoned...

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Guarding our mental health in the time of Coronavirus

We are moving into a new phase as the coronavirus pandemic unfolds. We are still in a fast-moving story and none of us knows what the autumn and winter will bring. We have all got used to living with uncertainty and coping with rapid, and often unwanted change. For many of us isolation and loneliness have been tough. For others being cooped up with the family has put great strains on our closest and most precious relationships.

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Why the end of Coronavirus lockdown is causing anxiety and depression

There will be a lot of change and challenge over the next months. If you are finding it hard to adapt please contact a cognitive practitioner such as myself. We can help you reset your mental map in these changing times to something which will help guide and support you through the world. It can be done and often it is not too difficult. It will help you navigate the unknown future.

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Coronavirus: as the lockdown eases anxiety can increase

In this long and strange tale of the Coronavirus, things are starting to ease up just a little bit. We are entering a new phase. The weather is getting better and there is a hint of summer in the air. Children are going back to school and offices are beginning to open up again. You might think that in a time like this, therapists would be having a much quieter time. Shouldn’t this relatively good news be bringing happiness and a sense of that things are improving at last?

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Introvert or extrovert?

‘Don’t tell anyone, but there are some things I quite like about lockdown,’ If I had a pound for every client who has said this to me recently, I would have lots of money but not much to spend it on at the moment. But joking aside, comments like this reveal something very important about how different personality types cope differently when social life is constrained.

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If you are still affected by the Harvey Weinstein trial you are not alone

I notice something very interesting with the clients I see for sexual abuse and trauma. Although the Weinstein trial has finished and justice seems to have been done, a number of my clients are finding it difficult to put behind them. One said to me the other day, “Everyone else is obsessed with corona virus and I still keep thinking about Harvey Weinstein. What is wrong with me?”

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My 10 Point Plan To Cope With Health Anxiety

If you are a regular reader of this blog then you will know I often talk about resilience. That is the ability to deal with the bad things which life can throw at you and still remain a mentally healthy and well person.

We are all being tested at the moment. And I know many of my clients who are trying to cope with feelings around the coronavirus are finding it very difficult. Health anxiety and the Corona virus is a real thing. It can be dealt with and I am going to give you my take on it.

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Harvey Weinstein, just the usual sad tales of sexual harrassment and attack

This year my book on how to survive sexual harassment will be published. It is based on my experiences of working with many, many clients who have gone through difficult and traumatic experiences of sexual harassment and attack and want to come out the other side and live good, happy and fulfilled lives. I now know a lot about this area. I know that the majority of people respond similarly when they suffer unwanted sexual attention, especially at work. When I read about famous men accused of abuse,

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"The investigation took a year. It felt very dragged out and very secretive. It felt like they were waiting for me to give up," she said.
Focus on sexual harassment in universities. A big and ... underestimated problem

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